Hunting & Fishing

Bows »


If you're the avid sportsman, we've got you covered at Country Antiques & Pawn Shop.

Whether you're out in the open fields or in spacious woodlots, we have bows of varying shapes and sizes perfect for the big hunt. 

We have gently used compound bows at great prices. If you're looking for something specific, we can special order your bow too!

We also have a great selection of bow accessories such as strings and buss cables available as well, so stop by before heading out to the…

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Rifles & Hunting Firearms »

Rifles & Hunting Firearms

Are you looking for the right rifle to take on the big hunt with you? With many measurements and calibers available, we're happy to help you find one at the right price.

Like all hobbies, starting with an entry-level piece of gear or equipment is a good way to start on the right foot. With a plethora of ammunition and accessories available, we're sure you'll stay on target.

When you stop by Country Antiques & Pawn Shop, you'll be happy you did for your rifles and…

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Bowfishing »


Eager to try something new with your beloved bow? The sport of bowfishing can be great practice for bow hunting with the benefits of fresh fish to take home!

From rough fish to game fish, we're here to help you take home the big catch!

We have a great selection of bowfishing supplies and accessories, such as:

  • Reels
  • Line
  • Arrows and points
  • Bowfishing accessories
  • Bowfishing gear
  • and more!

At Country Antiques & Pawn Shop, our variety of bowfishing gear and supplies makes it…

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Crossbows »


Hunters love using crossbows out in the field too! In this day and age, crossbows are just as high-tech as their compound bow cousins. 

With different levels of speed, accuracy and reliability available, these crossbows are a great option for hunters eager to try something different out in the field. 

Need some arrows or other accessories? We've got you covered!

We also do special orders as well, so stop by to see how we can assist your hunting performance. 

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